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Action plan for implementing the hybrid strategy to control the COVID-19 epidemic 2021–22






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Endorsed by the government resolutions, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has issued an action plan for the hybrid strategy on 7 September 2020 (STM 2020:26) and its updates on 5 January 2021 (STM 2021:1), 1 June 2021 (STM 2021:21) and 23 June 2021 (STM 2021:24), the latter of which is valid until further notice. In connection with the update, a decision was made to review the action plan during the summer and autumn of 2021. The action plans for the hybrid strategy have guided the authorities responsible for the implementation of the Communicable Diseases Act in the epidemiologically appropriate application of the recommendations and restrictions.

The action plan of the renewed hybrid strategy aims to open up society, promote its openness and provide cross-sectoral support for the post-epidemic measures, and for the conditions for economic growth and recovery. When a minimum vaccination coverage of 80 per cent of the target population is achieved or all members of the target population have had access to two vaccines, national restrictions and comprehensive recommendations will be waived. The regional phasing out of restrictive measures will start earlier, if the regional disease situation allows.

The action plan supports the assessment of the proportionality and necessity of decision-making by regional state administrative agencies and local authorities, combats the risks of the healthcare system being overwhelmed and of the uncontrolled spread of the epidemic, and directs the efforts to achieving the highest possible vaccine coverage. The prevention of the epidemic under the Communicable Diseases Act will primarily take place through local and regional measures. The measures are more limited than before in terms of their subject matter, content, duration and area, and they are targeted and weighted according to the risk potential of what is being targeted. Effective infection tracking and local and regional response measures to prevent the spread of infections are also key to preventing the national epidemiological situation from deteriorating again.

The action plan will be applied simultaneously with the post-crisis and recovery measures related to the epidemic. The action plan is valid until further notice and will be updated as necessary.


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