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Safe and incident-free daily life 2025: Action plan for incident prevention for the rescue services

Asiasanat ja teemat:social impact, internal security, phenomenon-based approach, anticipation, cooperation

The reform project of rescue services indicated the need for defining the national targets for incident prevention. Customer-orientation, uniformity and social impact were emphasised in setting the targets. On that basis, a project led by the Ministry of the Interior prepared an action plan for incident prevention for the rescue services.

The action plan is based on impact and a people-oriented and phenomenon-centred approach. Safe and incident-free daily life in 2025 was used as the mission. The related sub-goals are divided into strengthening the experience of safety, increasing active agency, ensuring availability of services and developing shared work. The changes aim to contribute to competence and capability, development of technology, building of collaboration, attitudes and shared concepts and operating culture. These issues are sought by means of eight social impact targets and further with 250 identified acts.

The action plan for incident prevention for the rescue services assigns the most significant inputs to children and young people, development of cooperation and a stronger sense of caring. In the acts the most important are stakeholder work, developing rescue services and increasing safety skills of population groups.

The action plan responds to a number of strategic challenges of internal security and rescue services.

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