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Government Action Plan. Inclusive and competent Finland – a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable society

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Info:The Government Action Plan sets out the main objectives and measures for the strategic themes of the Government Programme, along with the timetables for these and the names of the ministries responsible. The objectives and measures reach across ministerial boundaries. The plan is broadly structured in the following way: Finland as a sustainable economy. The aim of economic policy is to increase wellbeing and prosperity. This means ecologically and socially sustainable economic growth, high employment and sustainable public finances. Carbon neutral Finland that protects biodiversity. Carbon neutrality will be pursued with emissions reduction measures and carbon sinks. New legislation on nature conservation will protect diversity. Globally influential Finland. The promotion of human rights, the rule of law, democracy, peace, freedom, tolerance and equality is central to Finland’s foreign and security policy. The Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development form the foundation for global cooperation. Safe and secure Finland built on the rule of law. Finland must ensure internal and external security, respect for the rule of law, and people’s everyday safety and security. Dynamic and thriving Finland. Finland aims to be a global leader in skills and innovation. International growth and a strong entrepreneurship policy can diversify business structures and create opportunities for sustainable growth. Finland built on trust and labour market equality. Improving business competitiveness is essential and must focus on employee education and skills, product development and investment, services that seek to boost employment, and incentives for entrepreneurship and self-employment. Fair, equal and inclusive Finland. The core of the welfare model consists of non-discrimination, services in health and wellbeing, social mobility and civil society. Finland that promotes competence, education, culture and innovation. A rise in the level of education and competence, a reduction in the differences in learning outcomes, and an increase in educational equality will be sought at all educational levels. The measures taken will concern the entire education system and its future development. A strong focus will also be placed on improving the research, development and innovation environment.
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