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Jihadist online communication and Finland

Asiasanat ja teemat:extremist movements, online communication, radicalisation, terrorism

This study investigates jihadist online communication related to Finland in 2014–2018. In particular, it examines the visibility of Finland and persons connected to Finland in jihadist communication and investigates what kinds of content persons living in Finland have produced and disseminated online.

During the investigated period, jihadist online communication related to Finland was more prevalent than ever before. Finns were mentioned in ISIS materials, and persons living in Finland produced and disseminated jihadist content in the Finnish language. This reflects the broader development of the jihadist activities connected to Finland. The amount of content must not be exaggerated, however, as the amount of content and online activities connected to Finland were still relatively minimal when compared internationally.

Over the past three years, jihadist online communication has migrated to closed platforms, as technology companies actively removed public content inciting people to violence. This means that openly jihadist activity online has largely slowed down for the time being, and this is also the case with content related to Finland. Jihadist online communication, however, has not ceased entirely. The study found signs that jihadist online communication is still occurring via closed, encrypted channels.

The study was carried out together with the Jihadism in Finland study.

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