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Manual on multi-professional Anchor work






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Anchor work, wellbeing, multi-professional collaboration, crime prevention, early intervention




Anchor work refers to multi-professional collaboration targeted at children and adolescents under 18 years of age to promote their wellbeing and prevent crime. It also seeks to prevent radicalisation into violent extremism, with people of all ages. Anchor work is carried out by multi-professional teams consisting of professionals from the police, social services, health services and youth services. The purpose of Anchor work is to provide young people and their families with individualised and comprehensive support at an early stage and, if necessary, to refer them to the services, care and support provided by other experts.

Anchor work is organised at a local or regional level, so that it meets the needs and special characteristics of the area, but it builds on shared national principles and objectives. Multi-professional collaboration is based on permanent structures that have been jointly agreed. The responsibility for national guidance and development rests with the national coordinator, together with the national steering group.

This manual is based on information produced in a research and development project. The manual was produced by the national Anchor work development group, the Ministry of the Interior, the National Police Board and the University of Eastern Finland. The manual was financed with the support of the EU Internal Security Fund.


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