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Finland’s Strategy on Preventive Police Work 2019–2023

Asiasanat ja teemat:police, preventive work, prevention, safety and security, sense of security, crime
Info:The police have a legal duty to engage in preventive action to maintain the safety and security of people and society, to engender a sense of security and to sustain confidence in the police. This is achieved through early intervention in incidents and developments that undermine safety and security. To ensure that preventive action is both productive and effective, there needs to be a focus on strategic guidance, consistent leadership that paves the way for preventive action at all organisational levels and managerial work that supports the actions. National, regional and local objectives will be set out for preventive work, the results will be monitored and they will be reported within and outside the organisations, also to residents. The Ministry of the Interior will draft annually a national report on the implementation. Finland’s Strategy on Preventive Police Work defines what preventive action means and sets out the objectives, targets for preventive action and strategic policies for 2019–2023. Cooperation with partners and stakeholders will be of key importance in implementing the Strategy. In order to implement the Strategy, the National Police Board will prepare an action plan for the strategy period in accordance with the instructions provided by the Ministry of the Interior. The action plan will be reviewed annually. The plan will include assessment criteria and indicators that support the monitoring of the results and the progress of preventive action. The National Police Board will guide and direct local police departments in the implementation of Finland’s Strategy on Preventive Police Work. The police departments will be responsible for implementing the Strategy as part of their daily work through leadership and managerial work.
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