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Non-Violent Childhoods : Action Plan for the Prevention of Violence against Children 2020-2025






Asiasanat ja teemat

children (age groups), violence (activity), young people, complicity, rights of the child, preventive work;cross-sectoral cooperation;protective factors;risk factors




The objective of the action plan on Non-Violent Childhoods 2020–2025 is to prevent violence against children aged 0–17 in different growth and operating environments. The action plan deals with the rights of the child, inclusion, factors that protect against violence as well as risk factors and their consequences. The aim is to improve the position of the child victim in the current service, care and crime systems, also taking into account those children who are at risk of ending up using or have already used violence.

The action plan contains 93 actions and consist of fourteen chapters dealing with the prevention of emotional and physical violence and sexual violence from three different perspectives: prevention, minimising harmful impact and providing treatment, with the main focus on prevention. The plan seeks to take into account issues related to children in particularly vulnerable situations with regard to violence, as well as some topical specific issues. The plan emphasises the importance of multidisciplinary cooperation.

A broad group of experts from various organisations, ministries and NGOs wrote the action plan. A steering group nominated by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare is responsible for monitoring and directing the objectives and actions. In 2022, a mid-term review will be carried out concerning the implementation of the action plan's objectives and actions.


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