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Safety and security in sparsely populated areas 2020 : Report on the situation of safety and security in sparsely populated areas






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sense of security, sparsely populated areas, safety and security, situational awareness, resilience, network cooperation, safety culture, operational environment




The purpose of this report is to provide a comprehensive overview of safety and security needs, the stakeholders of safety and security, and the current status of safety and security in sparsely populated areas. The report identifies challenges, opportunities, proven practices and networks currently working to improve safety and security. In addition, security and its operating environment are examined from the perspective of people living and spending time in sparsely populated areas, in particular.

The report begins with a description of the operating environment and safety and security situation in sparsely populated areas. It takes a closer look at demographic development, infrastructure and service availability. On this basis, the report strives to characterise the operating environment of safety and security in sparsely populated areas.

The following recommendations were drawn up based on the observations presented in the report: Securing sufficient resources for sparsely populated areas; Building up the capabilities of residents and tourists in sparsely populated areas for looking after their common safety and security; Developing cross-administrative cooperation in the work on safety and security in sparsely populated areas; Sharpening the focus on safety planning; Strengthening the communal safety activities of villages by establishing village rescue teams.

The contents of the report were compiled by the secretariat of the Harvaturva network. The expertise of the Harvaturva network and extensive reference literature were used to draw up the report, helping to ensure broad-based cooperation across sectoral boundaries.


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