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Annual Climate Report 2020

Asiasanat ja teemat:annual report, emissions, reporting, monitoring, climate policy

Under the Climate Change Act, the Government shall each calendar year submit to Parliament an annual climate report on the trends in emissions and the achievement of emissions reduction targets included in the medium-term plan for climate change policy. The report shall also contain information on policy measures and an assessment of the implementation of the adaptation measures included in the adaptation plan.

The Annual Climate Report examines the meeting of the targets set for emission reduction obligations in periods 2013–2020 and 2021–2030 in the effort-sharing sector (non-emissions trading sector) and the trend in total emissions in relation to the target of carbon neutrality set for 2035. It appears likely that Finland will meet the target for 2013–2020. The measures for 2021–2030 have also been planned ensuring that the obligation will be fulfilled. However, the planned measures are not adequate to attain carbon neutrality.

While emissions trends in the transport sector play a key role for the effort-sharing sector, measures will be necessary in all sectors. Trends in emissions from energy production and manufacturing, which are part of the emissions trade, as well as the development of carbon sinks in the land use sector will also be crucial regarding the goal of carbon neutrality. Additional measures for achieving carbon neutrality are proposed in the new Energy and Climate Strategy, the Medium-term Climate Change Policy Plan, and the Climate Programme for the Land Use Sector. These documents will be completed in 2021.

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